WebCam and Video surveillance

User friendly artificial intelligence in video surveillance.

Home Security Camera - Download Software

A real livejournal for your webcams that makes video surveillance smart.

Home Security
Receive immediate notifications by telegram messenger and know what is happening on the ground and inside your home.

Outdoor Monitoring
Get a notification when someone stays on or around your property.

Baby / Kid Monitoring
Add a webcam to a room to keep an eye on your children.

Pet Surveillance
Keep an eye on your pets.

Share your cameras
You can share your camera with your friends, co-workers and family members
Number of cameras and their placement
The number of devices will depend on the area of the object to be monitored. If we are talking about a small apartment, only one camera installed in the hallway is enough to protect against intrusions. It will capture everyone who enters and exits, and the microphone will record sounds. If the system is selected for a country house or cottage with a sufficiently large private territory, then up to several dozen cameras may be needed. At the same time, camera models are mounted different in recording quality and purpose. The required number of cameras is recommended by experts after a detailed inspection of the object. It is impossible to correctly calculate their number remotely, even if you have an accurate architectural plan. There is no standard camera layout that would suit every home - in each case, layouts are selected depending on a number of factors. The location of the main equipment is also important - the recorder should not interfere with anyone. Cables run from the cameras to the DVR, and if there are many devices, then the bundle of cables will be large and it is better to allocate a special room for the DVR. In a private house, such a room is a pantry or utility room. In the office, equipment is often placed in a warehouse. It should be noted that not every hard drive is suitable for use in a video surveillance system. The system allows you to connect a simple computer disk, but it will work for a short time and there is a possibility that it will fail in the first couple of months of operation. The point is that such a disk is not intended for continuous recording, therefore, for surveillance systems, it is necessary to purchase special hard disks designed for use in recorders. Such discs cost a little more, but they work flawlessly for years.